Wind Potential

Based on the measurement of the wind and topography of the site it is possible to estimate wind potential. Using sophisticated software simulations wind potential maps are generated and they are the base for initial design of future WTGs. Netinvest is proud to be authorized reseller for one of the most advanced CFD tool for wind potential calculations - WindSim.

According to optimized WTG positions wind park AEP is done. Very important step for the estimation is the type and model of WTG because it is key component of the wind park. Based on the class of the wind and technical specifications various WTG producers can offer large number of solutions. Lower picture shows typical wind parameters - direction and speed which is usually defined through wind rose:


Wind Studies

Final results of the wind potential analysis is presented by Wind study - numerical and graphical data showing energy production for each separate WTG just as AEP estimation for the wind park. Wind study is base for developing General design and/or PDR (Plan of detailed regulation).

Lower picture shows graphical simulation of AEP:

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