Solar Power Plants

There are several factors affecting solar power plant productivity - from the location orientation, solar radiation up to the quality of the installed equipment. The bigger installed power is - the shorter is period of investment return and the profit is higher. If the power plant is on the ground or the roof it is advisable to have southern orientation and that there is enough room for installed capacities. For 1kW of installed power it is required cca. 7m² of PV modules surface. If bigger power plant is considered then it is necessary to take into account space between rows of PV modules so it is hard to have precise estimation without exact location data.


After decision about investing in solar power plant it is necessary to take the following steps:

1. Obtaining opinion of network operator about possibilities of connection to the grid

2. Obtaining location information or location permit, depending of the case

3. Processing design documentation

4. Obtaining construction permit and temporary Status of beneficiary electricity producer

5. Works completion, connection to the grid and obtaining usage permit

6. Issuing Status of beneficiary electricity producer

7. Signing contract for selling electricity with network operator


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Solar Power Plants
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