Solar energy

Netinvest designed and performed works over first solar power plants in Serbia which are connected to the grid. Solar energy is used much more in electricity production today and becomes more and more popular.

Introducing feed in tariff in Serbia in 2009 new conditions for first solar power plants connected to the grid has been established and several investors already realized investments which brings them profit today.

To obtain the Status of beneficiary electricity producer it is necessary to achieve preliminary Status by submiting design documentation to the Ministry of Energy. Preliminary Status is guarantee that investment will gain feed in tariff after works completion and investor may continue with equipment purchase, building power plant and connecting it to the grid. After connection to the grid the last step is to sign the contract with network operator.

Netinvest offers turn key solutions - from the consulting phase, via techno-economic analysis up to the contract signing phase for selling electricity. This includes processing design documentation and works completion as well.

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Solar Energy
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