For initial investment phase we offer experience based consulting for optimizing investment - achieving maximum results by investing minimum resources. This phase is very important for bigger investments while typical solutions may be applied for smaller investments. Based on our expertise in RES we can offer:

- Optimization for investment solutions

- Due Diligence studies

Design documentation

Netinvest process design documentation from initial phase via General design up to Concept design and Main design including the design of works completion. In this manner it is possible to plan complete investment and to obtain all necessary permits and licenses required for legal construction and exploatation of the object. The team made of licensed engineers is able to give appropriate solution required by Serbian legislation and to offer quality required by the Investor. We are proud tha we can offer processing the following documentation:

- Plan of detailed regulation (PDR)

- Urban design

- General design

- Concept design

- Main design

- Design of works completion

(types of designs are defined by Serbian Law of Design and Construction)


For complex designs Netinvest process Prefeasibility studies just as Feasibility studies. Those studies are required by the Law for the objects of power plants of installed power more than 10MW (for power plants from 1 to 10MW only Prefeasibility study is required). Complex techno-economical analysis gives clear picture if the investment is feasible and which critical points may jeopardize the investment. Although this type of documentation is prescribed by the Law it is always preferable to process it for easier decision make steps. Besides feasibility studies Netinvest is specialized for processing wind studies using either linear or CFD software tools therefore we can offer:

- Wind study with AEP prediction

- Prefeasibility study (with or without General design)

- Feasibility study (with or without Concept/Main design)

Works execution and equipment purchase

For smaller investments such as met masts or small solar power plants Netinvest has all required qualified labor and equipment to complete contracted works. For bigger objects and installations Netinvest can offer qualified supervision for the works completion. We also offer services of consulting during the negotiation in the process of purchasing bigger equipment.

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