Design and feasibility studies

Serbian laws define procedures necessary to be performed in order to successfuly obtain construction permit for the wind park.


After initial checking of relevant institutions that there is no serious obstacles for wind park design (none of cca 20 institutions should issue negative opinion) initial design optimization is performed. With WTG positions defined appropriate spatial planning documentation should be processed (PDR or similar) including the General design with Prefeasibility study. After revision committee formed by relevant ministry General design and Prefeasibility study are documentation required for issuing Energy Permit.

Finishing PDR or similar plan together with Concept design with Feasibility study is the step which gives base for processing Main design. After revision committee completion of the Main desing - Construction permit can be issued by the relevant ministry and the next step is application for temporary Status of beneficiary electricity producer which will financialy secure the investment.


It is very important to define priorities in the beggining of investment and to optimize financial and time resources. Netinvest is able to offer significant help in order to simplify complicated law procedures.

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