Serbia Celebrates Global Wind Day 2015



This June 15, Netinvest together with the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade, successfully celebrated Global Wind Day. Wind at Our Back, a two-hour event hosted by the Museum, consisted of two presentations on usage of wind energy in Serbia, past, present and future.

Zivana Krejic, a teacher and the author of Windmills of Vojvodina, Now & Then, presented her work and historical research on Serbia’s first windmills, their initial roles and the state they are in today.

This historical overview was followed by a presentation by Netinvest’s project manager Filip Kanacki. Drawing from our company’s many years of experience he spoke of modern harvesting of wind energy using windfarms, and the overall importance to our country and region, the usage of renewable energy sources for production of electric power.

The high number of people who attended the event, and made it a success, serves to prove that windfarms in Serbia are not a matter of a distant future, but are a part of our reality.

Netinvest would especially like to thank EWEA (European Wind Energy Association) for supporting the event.

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