Wind Energy Wind Energy
Energy made from wind is clean and does not pollute air or environment we are living with. This natural resource has unlimited capacities.
Solar Power Plants Solar Power Plants
Netinvest designed and connected to the grid first solar power plants in Serbia. Those small power plants are becoming more and more popular.
Wind Measurement Wind Measurement
Netinvest has significant experience in met mast installation with full wind measurement equipment in whole region and over 50 locations.

Engineering, Feasibility studies and Consulting

Netinvest offers services of consulting in early phase of investment decision making which will be implemented through General design, Concept design and finished in Main design. We offer complete support for administrative processes in obtaining construction permit and all other documentation required by Serbian laws. We are capable to optimize investment and to execute it in shortest possible period of time.

Construction supervision

Besides processing design documentation we can offer full works completion for met masts and small solar power plants including connection to the grid. For bigger investments we offer construction supervision.
Solar Power Plants
Solar Energy
Wind Measurement
Wind Energy
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