Vantage comfort

A Vantage system gives you unparalleled control of comfort systems throughout your home. Whether it’s an evening cocktail party for 50 of your closest friends, or family a quiet night at home by your self, Vantage control systems make maintaining comfort simple, and convenient. Change the temperature setting, check current weather conditions, or raise or lower window treatments all from the convenience of a local or mobile interface.

Weather information in this widget includes the main location and additional, different locations which can be added on the device by the homeowners themselves. Homeowners can browse the locations by swiping the landing page left to right. Edit the weather widget to add, remove, change locations and other viewable cities. C or F temperature settings and preferences are determined by project location in Design Center software. Weather service information includes current location name, current temperature, current conditions (cloudy, sunny, etc), “feels like”, hi, lo, forecast, and other basic weather elements. The forecast will be available for current conditions as well as an extended 5-7 day forecast.

Local weather stations can also be viewed for more discrete and detailed information such as wind speed, wind direction, wind chill, barometric pressure, relative humidity, etc.

Vantage comfort brochure.

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