About us

Netinvest started off in 1992, now distant past, as a company that, in the telecommunication dawn in the Balkans, set up base stations. In time, as We have always aimed for being the leaders of regional technological advance, keeping the pace with the world trends we  began dealing more with projects that involve energetics, civil engineering, and consulting.

The past few years found us working mostly with Renewable Energy Sources. We are proud to share that it was Netinvest that designed, realized and connected to the power grid Serbia’s first solar power plant. We have also set up over 50 meteorological measuring masts, used for wind measurement, in the region.

Given our drive to offer top quality services and latest products to our clients, Netinvest has added Smart House solutions to the list of services provided by our company. This advance technology allows its users to remotely manage their appliances, light and other electronic devices in their home, using applications on their phones, iPads, computers, etc.

Our mission has always been to offer the best, latest, „clean and green“ solutions to our clients. For Netinvest, the environment matters as much as do our clients and their maximum comfort, and we have successfully been managing to combine the two to everyone’s delight.  

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